Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Taste of Pork

One thing that I wouldn't have a photo of even if I found my camera cable is our dinner yesterday. Maybe that's as well, since I don't think it was very picturesque, but it was oh so tasty. We happened to drop by here (the web-page was rather emtpy, and the blog not updated, but the shop is a nice place) during our downtown visit, and, by impulse bought a piece of pork loin. And I don't think I ever had pork loin like that before. After being marinated in olive oil and lemon juice for a few hours and then quickly browned on the stove before it was put into the oven it tasted just like heaven and was more tender than any other pork I ever tried.

They buy their meat from selected farmers, and I was sort of assuming that it also meant that the farmers treat their animals better than the average meat factory. Actually, I think I was kind of assuming that it was from an organic farm, but I now realise that I should have asked. Though I find it hard to believe something this tasty could have been treated that bad... Next time I go there I'll ask...

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