Sunday, August 31, 2008

Oh! I made éclairs!!

I did really! This is one thing that I never really thought of making myself, but that I now and then choose when in a café. They're not very common here, but one of my favorite places in Göteborg (Gothenburg) where I used to live usually has them.

The éclairs where this months Daring Baker's challenge. Hosts this month were Meeta K of What's For Lunch Honey and Tony of Olive Juice. They choose to make Chocolate Éclairs from a recipe by Pierre Hermé, recipe can be found, for example on Meeta's blog. Thank you both for an excellent choice, and a great job!

It was great trying my  hand at something I usually
 don't make myself. I haven't played around much with pâte a choux before. That was fun, seemed easy to work. Sadly enough I think I underbaked it a little, which probably was the reason they got a little deflated. The chocolate filling  and chocolate glaze (I followed the recipe to the letter this time) was quite a lot of chocolate for me, even though I was having a bad case of PMS :), so if I do this again I will probably do so
me other filling.
I made a small batch, since I thought they wouldn't keep in the refridgerator. The weird thing is, I actually think I enjoyed them more the next day, cold and all. :) Maybe I'm just weird.

So.. It's late, and I think I'll stop it there. I haven't managed 
to do the photoshop stuff yet, so I'll add the pictures tomorrow.

If anyone was wondering about my absence from here.. I'll be back. It's ju
st that summer is running out (by now, it's actually fall up here), work is starting to be regular again, and D. will be leaving again. August was something we somehow stole for ourselves, though it probably wasn't supposed to be. It's been good. I'm busy savouring our last days together in a while, saving up for the coming months. I'll probably start posting regularly again any time soon.  

Thank's again to this month's host and hostess! Check out all the other éclairs to by going to the Daring Baker's blogroll!