Sunday, November 18, 2007

Brussels Sprouts!!!

I really wanted to have pictures to go with this blog (and I do have a couple planned for that in my camera) but I just can't find the cable to connect camera and computer. Stupid. I'll try to add photos as soon as I can get myself to do a more thorough search. But. One of the things I had for dinner tonight was brussels sprouts cooked according to this recipe. And it was wonderful. Totally. I never quite understood brussels sprouts before, but rather usually ate them when they showed up with the other Christmas food (brussels sprouts are common for Christmas in Sweden, usually boiled). This recipe showed of their sweetness, and removed the somewhat odd taste that boiled brussels sprouts tend to get.

The reason I bought brussels sprouts in the first place, in spite of not believing myself to like them very much was a) that I had this recipe in mind and b) that they happen to be in season, and I'm having some kind of project of eating more in season right now. I'm also trying to eat a bit more local, though that feels kind of hard up here. Right now nothing really grows of course (daylight for 6 hours and 17 minutes today, temperature below zero (Celsius that is, so freezing) for the last week except today. But at least I can eat things preferably grown in Sweden, or somewhere else close by. And well... I must say that the experiment turned out well. More brussels sprouts! (Though D. thought that they tasted like "vegetables" - not that exciting. And that was in spite of the cheese on them. But he only tried one half brussels sprout, since he wasn't eating then, so I have to hope that he got a bad one. Maybe he'll like it better next time.)

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