Thursday, November 22, 2007


My sourdough has been coming along since I first put it together, and yesterday it was actually bubbling in a rather satisfactory way. So I decided to make a rye bread. It's the basic sourdough bread from "Bröd och marmelad", the first sourdough bread I ever made actually. I remember having such a success with it that after making it and similar breads for a couple of times I went on to make an all wheat sourdough and a wheat bread which totally didn't rise. After that I gave up sourdough untill last spring. But I remember really liking this bread, so I hope it's still as nice. It's a very basic bread, with some sourdough made from rye, which is fed with more water and rye twice and then added some more rye flour, some water, a little salt and a little all purpose flour. Right now my thermometer is showing about 90°C, so I'm waiting for a few more degrees. The kitchen smells just wonderfull.

(Picture will be added as soon as I manage to find a cable. I went looking in a number of shops yesterday, but it seems to be a speciallized camera-to-USB-cable which neither the computer stores or the photo store I went to had. So I'll have to make another search around here...

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