Monday, November 19, 2007

Green and pink

My camera cable seems to be completely lost. I even went up into the attic to look into the suitcase which I carried to Stockholm a little more than a month ago, on the chance that I had brought the cable with me and forgotten to take it out. So still no photo today, but I did take one of dinner tonight which will hopefully illustrate this post as soon as I remember to buy a new cable.
We're sometimes not so got at eating fish here. I guess we're both not completely comfortable with cooking it, but today, while I was doing a number of more boring chores D. made one of his pesto-style sauces, spread over a piece of salmon and baked. Good tasting with slices of potatoes that went into the oven beside the salmon.

Actually, the way the kitchen smelt while it was baking was kind of odd, but it all came out with a nice, garlicy smell and a somewhat crispy crust.

The pesto-style sauce is not a traditional pesto, really, but rather our interpretation of it. We use different cheese depending on what happens to be in the fridge, and this time it was Krutrök, my favourite for this kind of thing. Also, D. tend to use sunseeds instead of pine kernels. The rest of the ingredients are the same as for a more traditional pesto, basil, garlic and olive oil. The result is different, but I find it at least as tasty. And the locally produced cheese makes me feel better than imported Parmesan (I also prefer the taste). Think of it as a Northern pesto. Though basil seems not to be a very local ingredient, considering how the basil plants in our kitchen window looks by this time of the year. They miss the sun I suspect. Like me Maybe we should change all lamps in the appartment into light therapy equipment. :) I tend to get sleepy enough to get nothing done this time of the year, but today, I'm planing to at least start a sourdough before heading to bed. Hoping to have fresh bread to show before the weekend.

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