Thursday, November 22, 2007

Dinner tonight

Since I was part time busy with my bread making (see previous post) D. made most of tonight's dinner. I made the yogurt-and-lingonberry dip sauce and some spicing. What he made was a version of "pannbiff" (sort of like meat balls, but flat - burger style) with apple and parsley and roasted potatoes. (He also added the spinach, but that might not count as cooking :) )We seem to be eating a lot of potatoes those days. I really like potatoes, especially good ones. I wish I knew what sorts it is I mean by the good ones, but I do know how they are supposed to taste. Maybe I should start writing down what it says on the bag. When I lived further south I used to sometimes get some potatoes from my parents. They have a rather large vegetable garden, and especially summers when they don't really have time to take care of it they plant a lot of potatoes. Which is very fine with me, since they usually get more tasty potatoes than I usually get from any other source...

Photo should be added to this post too, even though I forgot to take one. D. seems to have gotten over laughing at my taking photos of my plate (he first threatened to report it as food obsession to my psychiatrist-mother), so he caught a picture of his plate before he started on it... But, as I mentioned, photos are delayed untill I find my cable, or I manage to find a place that will sell me one.

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