Saturday, December 1, 2007

There Will Be More...

... marmalade! The two jars from last time got me hooked (we're still eating from the first one) so now I bought red grapefruits and I do have plans for them. It will need a lot of soaking though, so it won't be around untill next weekend. Tomorrow is reserved anyway, for making "lussekatter" and for having D:s parents visiting. They will bring gingerbread cookies!

Dinner today should maybe have been celebrating that we've lived in this place for exactly a year now. Or well, exactly a year ago we got the keys and managed to drop by here for taking a bath between work and a party. Just we, some clothes in a bag and a bath tub in a completely empty appartment, that was kind of fun. The next day the appartment got a bit more crowded, and by now it's full of stuff of course, but we like it this way too.

Anyway, we ended up far to hungry to celebrate, but rather finished of a batch of canneloni filled with chorizo and cheese in a tomato sauce which the recipe claimed was for 4 persons in no time at all. Stupid recipe. :) Tasty anyway, and I was so full afterwards when I started to think about it that I just fell asleep on the sofa. Oh well, that's what weekends are for?

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