Friday, December 7, 2007

Dinner guests

I didn't have time to write about this before, but this Wednesday I did another of my weird things. There was a guest from abroad at work, someone who was supposed to visit someone, but this someone urgently had to leave because of family matters. So the rest of us sort of had to make up for that. And after going for Indian food on the Tuesday I just didn't feel like going out for a second night in a row. So on a whim, I invited everyone interested over for dinner. We ended up five people, and we had no way planned a dinner for more than two. And that was at about 5.15, on the way home, and with those who didn't find their way on their own coming immediately.

I did have a vague plan though. Doubling the lasagna we were planning should work out and with salad and bread that should make a decent meal. I mean, everyone knew it wasn't a planned big thing, so I hoped they would understand that it wouldn't be something terribly fanciful. The lasagna is the one we usually make, fresh cheese (maybe this is called curd) mixed with spinach, nutmeg and grated cheese as the white sauce, and a tomato sauce as the red sauce. Top with more cheese and pour some milk over it all. I like this lasagna, better than anything I ever made with meat in it. And for Wednesday, one of our guests was vegetarian, so so much better.

We had planned to make this salad some day later this week. I just love it. We made it for the first time a little after the blog post appeared, and I realised that they actually sell butternut squash at one of the nearby supermarkets. Winter squash is not at all common in grocery stores here, but they have had it all of this fall. Now we made it as a side for the lasagna, to make the meal a bit more varied.

It was actually quite well received I think. People seemed to eat and enjoy themselves. Almost all of it was gone and I never had a chance to take any pictures. But I think it tasted great (after all, I wouldn't have made it otherwise) and I sort of enjoy being able to feed people. Must be some kind of feeding instinct.

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