Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sweet Little Buggers

Yay... It seems as if I'm getting the hang of this. At least a little. And I'm incredibly proud of my creations. I mean, those few actually have a slight resemblance with the pictures of macarons you'd normally see. I'm learning a few tricks, and it seems that I get it a little better each time. The chocolate ones were made a couple of days ago, and they were certainly better than the first attempt, but this new attempt at lemon macarons is even better. The idea is to get somewhat more creative on the flavouring part too, but I needed to know whether I could make them at all to start thinking about that.

Short post tonight, I'm really far to tired. So I'll just share the pictures (and give a lemon macaron to anyone who drops by before I finish them all)
Good night...

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